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When a person loses or misses teeth, it creates a whole lot more of serious problems. As a result, there will be a dramatically remarkable drop of confidence, self-respect and ability to be with people, plus, some serious problems with chewing and eating food. But hey, great news! We can stop this thing from happening and save ourselves from total shame. Thanks to these appliances called Dentures.

What is a denture? A denture is a removable replacement for missing teeth and the surrounding tissues. It is custom-made and helps restore the appearance and oral functions of the teeth that were lost.


There are two types of dentures – full denture and partial denture.

Full dentures are used when all the teeth are missing, while partial dentures are used when some natural teeth still remain.


Full or Complete Dentures:

Complete dentures are made of a plastic base that is colored in order to replicate gum tissue and support a full set of plastic or porcelain teeth. The traditional full denture is held in the mouth by forming a seal with the gums. They can also be held in place by attaching to dental implants that are surgically placed in the bone of the jaws. This treatment is much more expensive than the traditional complete denture. Partial or Incomplete Dentures

Partial dentures can either be made with a plastic base or a metal framework that supports the number of teeth that need to be replaced. It is held in the mouth by using clasps and rests that are carefully adapted around the natural teeth. The partial denture which uses a metal framework is the traditional design, due to the rigidity and strength of the metal. Plastic partial dentures have normally been used as emergency or temporary replacements of missing teeth, allowing the gums and bone to heal before a definitive restorative solution is obtained.


When your dentist tell you that you are going to need a denture, do not panic. Believe that this step will change your smile and your life for the better. You will be able to talk to your classmates normally, eat with comfort and ease and smile beautifully like you used to.

When finally you agreed to get one, here are the things that are expected to happen next:

  • Tooth extraction and healing - Your dentist will need to evaluate your current dental condition to assess you and decide for the next steps. If you have remaining teeth, your dentist will explain the next procedures you should expect including the extractions. The time it will take for your gums to heal can vary depending on the amount of teeth removed.

  • Immediate or same day dentures -Your dentist may suggest making you immediate dentures. Once your teeth are extracted, your gums may be sensitive as they heal. Immediate or same day dentures can be worn as this healing takes place without causing you any more discomfort.

  • Taking an impression of your mouth -Your dentist will take a preliminary impression of your mouth to build your new dentures. On subsequent visits, more impressions with finer details will be made.

  • Choose your new teeth -You’ll want your new dentures to look just like your natural teeth, but some will suit you better than others. Your dentist can help you decide which tooth shapes, sizes and coolers will fit your mouth and look right for you. If there’s anything you didn’t like about your natural teeth you may be able to improve them by telling your dentist at this stage. Having a family member or friend to help you decide can be really useful. Once you and your dentist are happy with the look of the teeth, your new dentures can be completed.

  • The initial fitting -This is when your new dentures will first be tried in your mouth, and you’ll wear them until your next visit. Your dentist will make any adjustments to ensure they fit well and comfortably. You may need additional appointments so that any sore areas can be adjusted.

  • Regular dental checkups - Once dentures are part of your everyday life, it’s important to regularly visit your dentist. This will make sure your oral health is in the best possible shape and that you’re getting the most from your dentures.

There are a lot of possible reasons wherein we can lose our teeth. The most important thing is the fact that you are not helpless. Whatever the reason, the prospect of getting dentures can be daunting, but we at Dr. Qazi Family Dental will help you every step of the way.