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Crowns and Bridges

A crown is a tooth-shaped cap that is located over a tooth which is used to establish and preserve your tooth structure. Crowns are formed of a hard, white substance that will maintain the natural look of your teeth.

A bridge, also known as a fixed removable denture, is made to replace one or more missing teeth. Bridges can be supported in any of three ways - by natural teeth, implants or a combination of teeth and implants.

A traditional bridge is made by creating a crown for the teeth on either side of the space and placing a false tooth or teeth between the crowns. The crowns, sometimes called caps, can be supported by natural teeth or by implants. The false tooth or teeth are attached to the crowns and fill the empty space.

Bridges cover the spaces between missing teeth. Your dental specialist here at Dr. Qazi Dental would suggest taking a dental bridge after you lose your tooth. This procedure can help your other teeth from moving out of its place. When the bridge is fixed, it works like your normal or natural teeth.

Bridges and crowns can last a lifetime with proper care and attention. If you want to know whether you are a good candidate for this type of dental treatment, please call Dr. Qazi Dental.