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Dental Cleanings

Dental cleanings are performed by dental hygienists. Before the cleaning process, the mouth is checked first.

The dental hygienist uses a small mirror to check around your teeth and gums for any signs of gingivitis or other potential concerns. With the small mirror to guide them, the dental hygienist uses a scaler to get rid of plaque and tartar around the gum line, as well as in between the teeth. The more tartar there is in your mouth, the more time is needed to scrape a particular spot.

After your teeth are completely tartar-free, the hygienist brushes them with an electric brush. It's a great way to get a deep clean and remove any tartar left behind from the scaler. Next step is flossing. Your dental hygienist can get deep in between your teeth and locate any potential trouble spots where you might bleed at the gums. And finally, the last step is to rinse

Brushing and aren't always enough to make sure you get tartar-free. Call us today to book for a Dental Cleaning treatment.